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Mate Factor® Yerba Mate© Loose Leaf Tea 150g

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European explorers first learned of Yerba Mate© in 1592 from the native tribes. Today, the pounded leaves of the ca¡, known as œerva mat to those who now live in the lands of the Guarani, are used to brew a rich, stimulating tea, held to be synonymous with health, vitality and a long life. 8 Organic flavours available:  Brazilian Green, Mocha Mint, Dark Roast, Cardamom Chai, Citrus Rose,  Lemon Ginger, Cinnamon Rooibos, Green Tea Ginseng.


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Brazilian Green 150g, Mocha Mint 150g, Dark Roast 150g, Cardamom Chai 150g, Tropical Sunrise 150g, Lemon Ginger 150g, Cinnamon Rooibos 150g, Green Tea Ginseng 150g


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