As a member you get the satisfaction of knowing that you give back with every purchase. A portion of the proceeds are collected in your Biorrific account. Use those earnings to submit a donation to one of our partner charities. Any choice is a good one because they're all dedicated to helping those in need achieve better health and wellness


The Green Machine
The green machine is a commercial grade, vertical, hydroponic farm built inside of a 40-foot shipping container and outfitted with environmental controls and indoor growing technology. This technology allows us to grow and give access to nutrient dense fresh leafy greens to families who need it while using environmentally friendly practices...

Freekeh Food Drive
In 2018, the average Canadian family can expect an increase upwards of $420 on their annual grocery bill compared to the previous year, with sharper price increases for healthier food items such as vegetables, fruits and nuts. While this makes it harder to develop or maintain healthy eating habits, it also forces an increasing number of Canadian families to seek assistance. For the last 5 years, food bank members have been increasing 5-10% annually...